Get more out of Koho with additional services

At the request of our customers, we have created new add-on services: Main-user/administrator service, Koho consulting service and a Ticketing feature

Main-user/administrator service

The company's internal administrator does not always have the ability to act as an administrator, for example due to lack of time. In such cases, we can agree on a monthly time with the customer, e.g. an hour, which we mark up in the calendar. Within this time our specialist will focus on the challenges the customer is facing.

Consulting service

The service is priced per hour according to actual hours spent. An example of how our consultant can assist: give an extensive review of the company's digital practices and providing recommendations or even streamlining the account. Priced on an hourly basis, you can also get other administrative services from us such as registry runs, custom vies and additional training.


Your customers can send tickets, i.e. work requests either through the Portal or to your customer service email via ticketing, in which case all information is stored, and nothing is left undone. Ticketing includes, e.g. SLA management, business hours, auto-responses, timing, versatile cropping, mass editing of tickets, and email notifications.

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